2nd Division
Pacific Northwest Region
National Model Railroad Association

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Get more involved with the PNR Second Division! 

 We're looking for:

o  New board members

o  People to run an "extra" meet locally for them.

o  Editor/contributor for the division news letter

o  Venues to hold “regular” division meets

o  Members with good clinics/presentations to share with others

Call (503) 769-1414 or email me at superintendent@2dpnr.org

Election Results

The following individuals won the 2019 2nd Division Board of Directors Election:

Stu Cato -  Candidate for Vice Superintendent, Incumbent

I stared in model railroading in grade school with the usual Lionel trains moved to scale O gauge then “HO” during High School. I am a member of the Catlin Gable School Model RR Club.
 I attended the 2004 National NMRA convention in Seattle and joined NMRA in 2000. Shortly thereafter I attended my first PNR D2 regional meeting and have been active in D2 since then. I have been off and on the Board since then. I was active in putting on the 2007 regional convention and in the background providing help “as needed” for the 2008 convention. Other duties over the years have been coordinating layout tours and securing meeting space and serving on various committees.
I see D2 as a vehicle for people to be active in the hobby, meet fellow modelers and gain knowledge of what they may have learned on paper or monitor but now gain first hand. The division allows people to “network” with regard to their specific interests.  The Assistant Super position can be either to help the Super and/or as a stepping stone to Super. I see the position as a help position and go to for the Super.
Note: Since Stu is the only candidate for this position, he automatically wins. He will not be on the ballot.

Bob Leatha  - Candidate for Director

My name is Bob Leatha and I;m running for one of the open director positions for Division 2. I am a Civil Engineering graduate from Washington State University. I retired in June 2004 from a career in Construction and Project Management. I have been an NMRA member since 2011 and located here in Division 2 (Hillsboro, OR) since October of 2016; Previously with Division 4 of the PNR.
I model the Great Northern in HO: Cascade Division - Everett to Wenatchee, WA in 1929 (Steam and Electrics). I have also been a member of the Great Northern Railway Historical Society since 2005.
I am a firm believer in monthly meets with clinic presentations and a supporter of the current trend of Meets in our Division. I have personally attended many clinics National, Regional and Monthly in both Division 2 & 4 and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills to support construction of my RR.
I’m convinced that everyone who joins our Organization has already some (many) developed skills in Model Railroading and is here to learn more about this great hobby, as well as to share their knowledge. Many are also interested establishing Friendships with fellow modelers to work on their RR or to support working with others on their layouts.
It is with the above premise that that I’m running to further the enjoyment and knowledge of our membership in Division 2.
I thank you for your support.

Dave Holden - Candidate for Director, Incumbent
I am a lifelong model railroader and have been an NMRA member since 2005.  My primary interests are operations and prototype modeling.  I became active in the Second Division in 2013, when I was asked to serve as secretary on the Board of Directors.  I was selected to fill a vacant board position at about the same time.  I am currently serving as the Division’s treasurer and as a board member. 
For me, the most rewarding aspect of NMRA membership is the clinics at the Division, Regional, and National conventions.  It’s important that the Second Division provide the entire membership with the opportunity to access similar high quality programs, and I have had the privilege to help plan the logistics of several Division meets during my tenure on the board.  I also served as Committee Chairman for the 2018 Pacific Northwest Regional Convention, which featured three days of clinics. 
I would like to see increased opportunities for greater participation by the membership in Division events.  The Fourth Division in the Puget Sound area claims to have a 60% participation rate, while the Second Division rarely achieves it.  Part of this can be attributed to geography, as the Second Division covers a larger, more dispersed area.  Despite this, the board must attempt to offer a compelling program that members will be willing to travel to 
I am also the president of the Willamette Model Railroad Club in Clackamas, OR, a prototype-based layout that was designed and built for operations.  I have extensive experience dispatching several model railroads using track warrant control and time-table/train orders.  If there is an operating layout with an opening for a dispatcher, I will usually try to mark up for it. 


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