2nd Division
Pacific Northwest Region
National Model Railroad Association

Get more involved with the PNR Second Division! 

 We're looking for:

o  New board members

o  People to run an "extra" meet locally for them.

o  Editor/contributor for the division news letter

o  Venues to hold “regular” division meets

o  Members with good clinics/presentations to share with others

Call (503) 769-1414 or email me at superintendent@2dpnr.org

2021 Election

The following 2nd Division Board Positions will be up for election in April -May 2010:

Assistant Superintendent

Per 2nd Division Policy Manual, Section 2.3
Duties of the Assistant Superintendent
The Assistant Superintendent shall:

  • Perform any of the duties of the Superintendent in the absence of, or at the request of, the Superintendent.
  • Immediately assume the office of the Superintendent upon its vacancy.

  • Current Superintendent: Stu Cato

Stu Cato and Greg Baker are current running for this position.

Director 1, Director 3

Per 2nd Division Policy Manual, Section2.4:
Duties of a Director

  • A Director shall:
  • Represent the interests of the membership to the BOD and to provide advice and input regarding the general management of the Division
  • Assist the definition and implementation of Division policies, programs, and planning.
  • Assume positions such as Secretary, Treasurer, Committee chair, or other duties as assigned by the BOD or the Division.

    • Current Director 2: Dave Holden
      Current Director 4: Robert Leatha

Dave Holden has declined to run for another term. Rober Leatha and Larry Nunn are elected or re-elected to their positions on the board as director by acclimation.


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